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We are involved in a variety of research & development projects. FleetMon has functioned as the data provider for several funded research projects of prestigious universities and academic institutes worldwide. Besides, we conduct research on our own or partner with other maritime companies and maritime institutions to strive for innovation. Depending on the study scope, we even grant students free access to our products and services. Please read through the range of our projects to know more.

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Machine Learning

LEAS – shore-side decision support for traffic situations with highly automated or autonomous vessels using AI.

This project aims to increase maritime safety and is designed in the area of safety research. Through the use of artificial intelligence, the Vessel Traffic Service Center (VTS), Fleet Operation Center (FOC), and Vessel Coordination Center (VCC) will be technologically prepared for the occurrence of highly automated vessels. Concepts are being developed to visualize this information in the Human Machine Interface (HMI).

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MAREMIS – AI-based calculation of air pollution emitted by ships and its dispersion.

This is an international joint project between Singapore and Germany. In this project, artificial intelligence technology is used to investigate the spread of pollutants from ships in the ports. The results will be used to develop suggestions on how to improve air quality in cities near the ports. The project is supported, among others, by the ministries of transport of the cities and states as well as the port authorities.

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Machine Learning

Kiel Trade Indicator

FleetMon supported the Institute of World Economy (IfW Kiel) with real-time data of global container shipping for creating an AI-based leading indicator for international trade.

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Safety & Security

SEAPEOPLE – Determining the Number of People at Sea

A method is being developed for sea areas and ports to determine the number of people at sea. For this purpose, information from the FleetMon ship databases and community is bundled. The number of persons in a maritime area is essential for the provision of sufficient maritime rescue resources.

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EmissionSEA – Extrapolation of emissions from ships

Global climate targets, stricter emissions regulations and emissions trading mean that reported emissions data must be validated. In a highly complex model, specifically one which includes individual ships and their technical equipment, the emissions calculated take into account the weather conditions.

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“Flaschenpost” – German Documentary Project

In 2019, a team of German producers and environmental activists turned to FleetMon to get support. To produce a documentary film on the possibility of marine trash flows of the Arctic Ocean originating in faraway places like Germany, we sponsored several GPS satellite trackers to be sent on a journey.

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Routing Network

MERMAID – Maritime Routing Graph based on AIS Data

In the MERMAID project, a method for vessel routing and precise calculation of the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of ships is being developed. The result will be a module which, based on AIS data, is able to derive a routable edge-node model of maritime traffic.

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Interested in Our Publications?

Please find a collection of the latest scientific papers and publications accomplished with FleetMon data sources.