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Generating a node in an AIS-based routing graph for improved Estimated Time of Arrival. (Big) Data challenge: using AIS for generating a routing graph

Authors: Carsten Hilgenfeld, Nina Vojdani, Frank Heymann, Evamarie Wiessner, Bettina Kutschera, Chris Bünger

Abstract: For the international exchange of goods, an exact estimated time of arrival (ETA), especially in case of delays, is of great importance. Using global data of the automatic identification system (AIS) a grid node is generated. The sum of such nodes and their connections form a routing graph. As an example, with one node of in total more than 100,000 nodes it is described how this point gets the maximum vessel length and draft assigned.

The paper has been published in the No 36 (2019): Journal of Management and Finacial Sciences

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