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Estimation of worldwide ship emissions using AIS signals

Authors: Constance Ugé, Tina Scheidweiler, Carlos Jahn

Abstract: The reduction of emissions is one of the main common goals all over the globe. Shipping, as the main impact source of global emissions, plays a vital role and can perceptibly contribute to decarbonisation. The objective of EmissionSEA is to develop a methodology for the quantitative determination of CO 2 emissions from shipping. With the help of the data of the Automatic Identification System (AIS), motion information is set in relation to ship size, speed as well as meteorological and oceanographic environmental conditions. More than 300.000.000 daily AIS data records from hundreds of own and thousands of cooperative AIS base stations as well as detailed ship data including information on the main propulsion plant are conflated and allows a detailed target/actual comparison of ship emissions worldwide. ENC 2020 Topic: Aviation & Marine Navigation Challenges in safety and security of information, communication and navigation in relation to current emerging threats.

The paper was published in: 2020 European Navigation Conference (ENC). For more information, please visit the original source.

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